Sciatica FAQ's

Sciatica FAQ’s with Our Omaha Chiropractor

Sciatica is a group of symptoms rather than a specific physical problem. It's a painful condition related to the sciatic nerve, which causes pain beginning above the buttocks, and can run down the leg to the feet in the worst cases. We see many cases of sciatica at our Omaha NE Chiropractic Health Clinic, and most patients have many questions about their condition. Here are some of the most common ones:

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It's Just Back Pain, Isn't It?

Sciatica is far from a simple backache. The pain is often characterized as sharp or hot, and can be painful enough to affect your everyday life. Some sufferers have a hard time walking or laying flat on a bed, while others find sciatica interfering with their ability to work or live a normal, healthy lifestyle.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica can be caused by a part of the sciatic nerve being pinched between two vertebra in your spine. The most common cause of sciatic pain is due to a slipped or ruptured disc pushing against the nerve. There are other, less common, conditions that can contribute to sciatica, these are the most common. Our Omaha chiropractor teamcan perform tests to find out the cause of your sciatica.

How Do You Diagnose Sciatica?

Our chiropractor will begin by taking a complete medical history. He or she will perform a medical examination to find the cause of your pain, beginning with an x-ray to determine the state of your spine. A common test involving raising your legs to determine when the pain starts will show the extent of the damage, while MRI or CT scans might be needed in the most severe cases.

What Do You Do to Treat Sciatica in Omaha NE?

The team in our Omaha NE chiropractor office offer a wide variety of treatments for patients with sciatica. We've found that the combination approach usually works best.

  • Spinal manipulation is useful for releasing the nerve endings that have become pinched between discs

  • Massage therapy helps to relieve pain and muscle spasms

  • Physical therapy and directed exercises will relieve tight muscles and help to keep the nerves from becoming damaged again

What is the Usual Outlook for Sciatica Patients?

With time, rest and professional chiropractic care, almost all sciatica patients will recover within a month or two. Some chronic cases last longer, but these are the rarest of cases, with almost all of our patients being pain free within six to eight weeks.

Can I Avoid Sciatica?

There is no way to avoid all cases of sciatica, but you can practice good spine habits that cut down on the likelihood that you'll suffer from this problem. Practice proper lifting techniques by lifting with your legs, not your back. Do daily exercises designed to strengthen your spine and abdominal muscles. Use good posture when standing or sitting, and avoid sitting for any length of time without a break.

Sciatica can put a block on living a normal life, but it's completely treatable in almost every case. Call our office at (402) 778-5470 to make an appointment.

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