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According to the ACA, chiropractic care is safe and effective for maintaining healthy pregnancy. For many women, pregnancy is both the most exciting yet uncomfortable time of their lives. At Chiropractic Health Clinic we strive to help our expecting patients create balance between their busy lives and pregnancy wellness routines.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I receive chiropractic during my entire pregnancy?

We consider pregnancy a natural, healthy part of life rather than a medical condition. We suggest our expecting patients continue their chiropractic care to continue optimizing nervous system health.

2. I wasn't receiving chiropractic before I was pregnant, can I begin now?

It's never too late to begin a chiropractic routine while pregnant. We suggest visiting us as early in your pregnancy as possible to maintain overall wellness.

3. I don't like to take medicine while pregnant, can chiropractic help if I experience acute health concerns?

Yes! Health concerns such as the common cold or headaches respond favorably to adjustments by helping the nervous system communicate more efficiently with your immune system.

4. Will chiropractic techniques be the same as before I was pregnant? I hear that relaxin causes the pelvis to move, will chiropractic move my pelvis too much because of that?

The principles and many of the adjustment techniques will remain the same, but will be delivered in a gentle nature to accommodate your growing baby. Relaxin is a hormone that helps the pelvis and other tissues shift appropriately as the baby grows. Chiropractic can help combat the effects of relaxin's power to occasionally over-shift structures. Adjustments help maintain range of motion so that injury does not occur.

5. I have back pain every day, can I come in as often as I need to?

We will help you determine the frequency of visits that will help efficiently manage your pregnancy back pain. There is no concern for visiting us frequently while pregnant.

6. I have heard that chiropractic can help with emotions and hormonal transitions, is that true?

Because chiropractic care is ultimately aimed at restoring nervous system function, subluxations often occur when emotions and hormones are shifting. Regular chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy will help restore balance of emotional wellbeing.

7. If baby is breach, can chiropractic help shift position downward?

Chiropractic has been shown to effectively turn breach babies when it is employed regularly as soon as breach positioning is discovered. If other related pregnancy concerns such as placenta previa have been ruled out, chiropractic can be effective combined with acupuncture and massage to help turn a breach baby. Our caring chiropractor will help determine if any other integrative techniques will be helpful in your personal situation.

8. After my pregnancy can both I and the baby come in for a visit?

We suggest our patients bring new babies as soon as they're ready to leave the house to create a lifelong routine of chiropractic wellness.

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