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Our “family-first” approach at Chiropractic Health Clinic allows us to focus on providing our valued patients with the best quality of care. From seniors to newborns, we serve everyone in need of full-service chiropractic care. We want our patients to achieve total wellness through every life stage by seeking our support whenever the need arises.


We welcome you to contact us anytime you are in need of chiropractic adjustments and other restorative treatments.

Our Chiropractic Services and Care Approach

We treat acute injuries sustained in auto accidents, sports activities, falls and other distressing situations. Through personalized treatments, we aim to keep the injuries from impacting your daily life and preventing you from enjoying your favorite activities.

We also focus on treating minor to severe symptoms caused by all types of conditions, including disc injuries, sports injuries, arthritis,  and scoliosis. Our team is dedicated to help control and eliminate all your symptoms throughout the treatment process. We utilize proven chiropractic techniques to reduce the pain, discomfort and mobility issues that negatively impact your daily activities.

Upon achieving wellness, you can learn how to focus on a healthy lifestyle and avoid injuries in the future with help from our chiropractors. Our team can provide comprehensive information about beneficial lifting techniques, safe pain management tactics, smart eating plans and more. We provide continual wellness services that help your body remain in a healthy state through the years.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment to visit our chiropractors in Omaha, give us a call at (402) 447-8504 to find a convenient date and time. We can help you recover from an auto injury or control symptoms caused by chronic medical conditions. Our chiropractic team will partner with you on your path toward total wellness through every stage of life.

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