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Foot Levelers / 3D Foot Scanner Foot levelers custom, functional orthotics provide benefits for the entire body. Imbalances in the feet can have a direct effect on the knees, hips, back and neck. The pelvis tilts, the knees rotate and the arch drops. Stabilizing orthotics provide a strong, balanced foundation that not only minimize pain, but also improves overall health. Custom orthotics support you when you stand, walk and run. They also help to protect the spine, bones and soft tissues from unnecessary stress. Our chiropractic center offers the 3D BodyView imaging system, ensuring the perfect custom fit.

Live Your Life in Balance with Stabilizing Orthotics from Foot Levelers

Using the Foot Levelers 3D custom 3D BodyView imaging system, our chiropractor can show you exactly how your feet are currently impacting the kinetic chain in your body. Based on NASA technology, the 3D BodyView system is highly precise and accurate. Designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic, the system identifies asymmetries in the feet through arch height mapping. Next, it will show you exactly how these asymmetries are impacting your body. The entire foot assessment takes place in less than one minute for instant results. Even better, the assessment can be immediately sent to Foot Levelers so they can promptly begin production on your custom orthotics.

During the foot assessment, the red areas on the scan will show where your feet are applying pressure. When you have lost arch height, you’ll see more red towards the center of your feet when viewing your foot scan. Lost arch height results in the flattening and rolling of the feet, which can then lead to knee rotation, abnormal pelvic tilt and shoulder drop. These instabilities can then lead to additional problems, including lower back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and plantar fasciitis. Proper alignment starts with the feet. Even when our chiropractor aligns your spine, if your feet are out of alignment, it is inevitable that this misalignment will trigger issues with your spine, knees, pelvis and even shoulders.

The Foot Levelers scan will also give you a pronation/stability index number. This number reveals the severity of pronation or stability issues affecting your feet. This number is a guiding point for future assessments; when you wear Foot Levelers, you’ll be at reduced risk for chronic problems associated with these imbalances.

Most orthotics only provide support for a single arch. Foot levelers, however, provide support for all three interconnected arches. This superior structural support is essential to maintaining the body's entire equilibrium. Our patients experience the difference the moment they step into a pair of shoes equipped with Foot Levelers. Not only is the experience of wearing the shoes more comfortable, but also it is much easier to walk, run and simply move with freedom. Functional orthotics from Foot Levelers correct these imbalances, alleviating pain and reducing the risk for additional problems.

Together with Foot Levelers, our chiropractic team is committed to building the perfect orthotic for you. Schedule your assessment today!

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