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Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain? Patients often tell us they have been experiencing discomfort from pain without the knowledge that real relief was attainable on a long-term basis. At Chiropractic Health Clinic, your experienced family of chiropractors is ready to offer you the latest techniques that the chiropractic lifestyle has to offer. Whether you are suffering from an acute or chronic health concern, your caring chiropractors will assist in both pain management and prevention strategies that will help get you feeling like yourself once again.

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How Chiropractic Care Is Essential for Pain Management

The chiropractic lifestyle is ideal for addressing a myriad of health concerns including pain management. The practice of chiropractic is pivotal in restoring optimal wellness after experiencing both acute pain and pain from chronic conditions. If you are thinking, "I have had this injury for several years now can chiropractic care help my pain resolve now?" The answer is yes! Because the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself, chiropractic care is an ideal healing modality to address the concerns of chronic conditions.

The protocol for both acute and chronic conditions of pain is similar, but will vary from each individual and the type of injury or accident that occurred. On your visit, one of the chiropractors will discuss the nature of your pain or injury. We will ask questions about how your occupation, exercise routines, dietary and nutrition habits and lifestyle factors may be affecting your experience of pain. Once we have discussed these attributing factors, an in depth exam will be performed followed by an individualized care plan to get you out of pain as quickly and safely as possible.

Chiropractic Health Clinic offers state of the art equipment and the latest techniques chiropractic has to offer for pain management. These include traditional Palmer techniques, cold laser therapy, PulStar instrument adjusting, Activator instrument adjusting, Thompson, Toggle, Gonstead, and Flexion Distraction. When an injury or accident takes place and trauma occurs to the spine, misalignments of the vertebrae often occur resulting in overstretched ligaments, tendons and muscles. With pain comes inflammation.

Regular spinal adjustments have been shown to reduce inflammation, restore alignment to both vertebrae and their associated support structures, as well as improve range of motion, all while reducing and preventing further experiences of pain. The doctors also perform neuromuscular release, or trigger point release through an active range of motion. This is an excellent therapy to compliment the adjustment, relaxing the muscles, ensuring proper motion, and enabling the adjustment to hold better.

Along with regular spinal adjustments and use of the specialized care techniques our clinic offers, we will prescribe corrective and rehabilitative exercises to be performed in your home. The individualized exercises assist in potentiating the long term affects in healing nervous system dysfunction. We also offer certain dietary and supplement suggestions that will maximize your Omaha pain management plan.

Pain management and prevention is within your reach. Our caring team of chiropractors looks forward to helping you become pain free now!

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