Summer Camp Sports Physicals

Pre-participation Physicals: Your Summer Camp Physical May Also Work for School Sports Physical

Did you know that some summer camp physicals qualify for a sports physical required by schools? Our clinic offers $30 pre-participation physicals that work for both summer camp and school sports programs. Why pay for two physicals when one will do the same job twice?

School Rules and Physicals:

For sports, most schools require an annual physical. That means that a physical from the summer before school starts is good for the entire upcoming school year. The pre-participation physical also is approved for summer camp programs. Why pay for two physicals when you can pay once. Our comprehensive physicals are thorough, and they save you money. 

What Our Physicals Cover

Our comprehensive physicals cover the following:

  • Spinal screening: Our doctors evaluate spinal health including screening for curvature of the spine such as scoliosis. We look at disk health and injuries that may become worse under the strenuous process of competitive sports. 
  • Musculoskeletal examination: This part of our physical evaluates muscle mass, joint health, and the relationship between the muscles and the skeletal system. We look for muscle strength, potential hernia, posture, and at past injuries to make sure that each patient is physically able to play sports. 
  • Orthopedic Evaluation: growing bones, soft bones, and bones that are thin can cause problems for those who play contact sports. What we look for is that injuries have fully healed, that bones are strong enough to endure the rigors of competitive and contact sports. Our goal is to ensure that each patient can play sports without incurring injuries due to bone development. 
  • Neurologic Evaluation: During the neurologic evaluation we test joint and nerve reflexes as well as grip-testing for fingers and hands. We look at eye-hand coordination, and we may test reaction times. The goal is two-fold. First we establish the normal limits of each patient, which can be used in comparison if a sports injury should occur, and second we ensure that each patient can play competitive sports without increased risk of injury. 
  • Height and weight Assessment: This is a simple assessment that evaluates the height of each patient for their age, and the weight of the patient in comparison to their height. 
  • Vision testing: The vision test assesses that there are no vision deficits, and if we find a deficit, we refer the patient to a vision specialist. 
  • Cardiac and blood pressure Assessment: Heart health is important for all athletes. We listen to the heart for problems such as arrhythmia, and we measure blood pressure to assess for at-risk cardiac problems that may be exacerbated by playing sports. We refer all irregularities to a cardiac specialist for complete diagnosis.

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