Auto Injury Treatment in Omaha, NE

After an Accident, Get Help From a Chiropractor in Omaha

Dr. Mark Eiler, Dr. Andrea Eiler, and Dr. Justin Eiler of Chiropractic Health Clinic in Omaha are ready to help you after an injury. Their team can help guide you through recovering after an accident and help you figure out a few problems that might not be obvious even after the first few weeks of recovery.


Here are a few accident recovery details to help you get started.

Is Muscle Tension Making Life Worse?

After an accident, your body reacts in different ways to protect itself, like scabbing or scarring. Sometimes this is a great feature, but this rebuilding can sometimes happen in inconvenient ways. Our chiropractors can address these issues with physical therapy or massage therapy.

In some cases, the rebuilding and growth may lead to permanent muscle tension, tightening, or limited range of motion. Chiropractic care comes in handy, since examining your back, spine, joints, and muscles can uncover a lot of problems without invasive techniques.

Tense muscles, overcorrection, and other symptoms can be solved with massage therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, bandaging and bracing, and other options that can help you recover without making more major changes to your body.

Do You Need a Referral?

The hospital is not the end-all, be-all. The same goes for any medical practitioner, and it's absolutely fair to get a second opinion.

Do you simply need a consultation? Do you want a chiropractic care professional to double-check someone else's assessment, or do you want the chiropractor to be your first stop before seeking other opinions? Simply schedule an appointment and discuss your plans!

A chiropractor in Omaha can help you find the answers to your problems and provide documentation to specialists, personal doctors, or even for your personal records. If you're part of another medical system and just visiting, ask about coverage and policies.

Working with government programs such as Social Security Disability or Veterans Affairs? Need help with a claim while getting additional care? If you need as many opinions from different professionals as possible to prove a point, make sure to bring up your intent with our chiropractor.

Chiropractic Help After an Accident

Contact the Chiropractic Health Clinic in Omaha today and schedule a consultation to start your recovery off the right way. If you haven't been able to take care of your pain or mobility issues because life is in the way, or if you need financial help, a consultation with us can guide you in the right direction. Call (402) 778-5470 to get started.

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