Herniated Disc FAQ's

Are you looking for back pain relief in Omaha for a slipped or herniated disc? Our chiropractor offers slipped disc treatments, and he receives several questions regarding slipped discs and treatment options. Here are the answers to some of our most commonly received queries.

What is a herniated disc?

The vertebrae of the spine are separated and cushioned by small discs of flexible tissue. The outer edges of the discs are slightly tougher than the center. When the softer center bulges or slips through the outer layer, a herniated disc occurs. Fortunately, our chiropractor offers slipped disc treatment in Omaha that does not involve surgery or pain medications.

What causes herniated discs?

Herniated discs are caused by numerous injuries and ailments, including aging, repetitive motion, wear and tear, and spinal injuries. Slipped discs can also be caused by sudden injuries, including car accidents and sports injuries. If you suspect you have a herniated or slipped disc, please contact our Omaha chiropractor for an initial assessment and treatment options.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc?

Common symptoms of a herniated disc include back, arm and leg pain as well as tingling and numbness in the extremities. These symptoms are serious and do not go away on their own without slipped disc treatment in Omaha.

Some people do not experience any symptoms when they slip a disc. This occurs when the bulging part of the disc is not pressing on any nerves or agitating the soft tissues surrounding the nerve. For these individuals, the herniated disc is usually found during an MRI or X-ray.

How long will it take to heal from a disc injury?

Treatment times and healing vary from patient to patient. In general, it will take two to four weeks of chiropractic treatments to experience consistent pain relief and lower your reliance on pain medications. Healing takes place during the next two months to two years of treatments, depending on the severity of the condition.

How does a chiropractor treat herniated discs?

Treatment from our chiropractor in Omaha starts with a thorough examination and medical history. It may or may not include medical imaging. Once the locations of the herniated discs and injuries are located, our chiropractor will prescribe a comprehensive course of treatment, which may include chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, lifestyle and nutrition advice and corrective exercises.

Will I still need surgery for slipped disc treatment after receiving care for back pain relief in Omaha?

Many of our patients do not need surgery after undergoing our treatments for back pain. In fact, one of the most common reasons individuals schedule appointments at our chiropractic office is for back pain relief in Omaha without the use of surgical intervention.

If you need slipped disc treatment in Omaha or back pain relief in Omaha, please contact our chiropractic office at (402) 778-5470.

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