Cox Flexion Distraction Technique

Natural Hands-on Relief of Pain and Other Symptoms

For many patients who suffer from damaged or bulging discs, pinched nerves, spinal injuries and degenerative spinal conditions, everyday life can prove a frustrating struggle. Issues related to spinal nerve compression not only cause chronic pain, but they can also produce debilitating weakness, loss of sensation in the extremities, and other symptoms that impact your quality of life. But before you decide to undergo major surgery or commit yourself to longterm use of painkillers, our team at Chiropractic Health Center would urge you to consider a safer, non-invasive, natural alternative -- the Cox flexion distraction technique.

To understand how the principle of flexion distraction can help relieve your suffering, let's first look at how structural misalignments in the spinal column affect the nervous system. The spine is made up of vertebrae which are joined together by small joints known as facet joints. This arrangement allows the spine to move freely while still supporting your weight. Fluid-filled cushions of cartilage called discs sit between the vertebrae, absorbing jolts and impacts, maintaining intervertebral spacing, and preventing bone-on-bone friction.

Unfortunately, a wide range of issues can affect this balancing act. An auto accident or sports accident, for instance, can hit your body with enough force to push two vertebrae out of alignment with each other, and the resulting instability can cause the disc between those vertebrae to bulge or herniate. If the disc presses against one of the nerve roots jutting out from the spinal cord, any part of the body served by that particular network of nerves may be affected. Even simple age-related dehydration and flattening of the discs can cause nerve compression. Results typically include pain in the back, neck or limbs, as well as numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and other serious issues.

Flexion Distraction to the Rescue

The Cox flexion distraction technique can undo the nerve pressure and disc compression underlying your discomfort, possibly freeing you from the need for major surgery. The technique, originally developed by Dr. James M. Cox, is based on the application of small, precise amounts of flexion distraction to the part of the spine experiencing disc compression or herniation. As the vertebrae in question are gently pulled away from each other, negative pressure draws the herniated or bulging disc back into position, relieving nerve pressure and pain and moving much-needed fluids back into the disc.

The Cox flexion distraction technique is a remarkably simple and comfortable experience for most patients. Our chiropractor, Dr. Mark Eiler, uses a special Cox table built with multiple articulated sections. As you lie on the table, Dr. Eiler will perform an adjustment to stabilize the vertebrae giving you trouble while pushing down slightly on the section of the table just below those vertebrae. This creates the flexion distraction force.

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