Frequently Asked Whiplash Questions In Omaha

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Whiplash is a much-dreaded injury, yet many people who suffer from it don't know too much about it. Here are answers to frequently asked whiplash questions from our three-chiropractor team at Chiropractic Health Clinic.

  • Why the name "whiplash?" "Whiplash" refers to the sharp, whip-like motions of the head when it is subjected to the force of an automotive collision or other sudden vehicular stop. The backward motion causes hyperextension of the neck, while the forward motion causes hyperflexion.
  • How much vehicular speed is required to cause whiplash? Don't assume that your accident was "not serious enough" to cause whiplash. A vehicle moving just a few miles per hour can transfer enough force to the body to cause serious injury.
  • What does whiplash do to the cervical spine? Whiplash can force cervical vertebrae and joints out of position. As the cervical spine falls out of alignment, so may the vertebral discs, possibly putting pressure on cervical nerve roots.
  • What does whiplash do to the neck's soft tissues? The violent forces involved in an auto accident can tear muscles and tendons, an injury known as a strain, while also spraining ligaments. The body responds by clenching the muscles in an attempt to immobilize them.
  • What symptoms can a whiplash injury cause? Whiplash can produce a wide range of symptoms. In addition to a stiff, painful neck, you may also have headaches, shoulder or facial pain, headaches, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, blurry vision and odd tingling or pain sensations in your upper extremities.
  • Do these symptoms automatically mean I have whiplash? Some whiplash symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and vision/hearing issues may also be caused by concussion, another common side effect of auto accidents. Your Omaha chiropractor can clarify the cause of your symptoms.
  • If I have no symptoms, does that mean I don't have whiplash? Even if your neck feels okay, you can't rule out delayed symptoms due to shock. Immediate evaluation will ensure that any injuries get detected and treated promptly.
  • How can chiropractic care help my symptoms? Chiropractic adjustment can help your cervical vertebrae and joints find their normal position again, relieving some of your pain and stiffness. Spinal decompression and Cox flexion distraction technique can treat injured discs to relieve pinched-nerve symptoms in the hands or arms.
  • What other treatments will my Omaha chiropractor prescribe? Your Omaha chiropractor may recommend soft tissue treatment methods such as cold laser therapy, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises. These treatments can reduce pain/inflammation, speed the body's natural healing process and restore neck function.

Need a Solution to Your Omaha Whiplash Problem?

While we hope we've answered some of your questions about whiplash, we also want to resolve the whiplash itself. If you're seeking a healthy, natural solution to your Omaha whiplash problem, or if you've been in accident and worry that you might be harboring a lurking neck injury, call Chiropractic Health Clinic at (402) 778-5470 for an evaluation!

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