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Sports Injury

Omaha Sports Injury TreatmentEvery athlete, whether a weekend warrior or a professional, wants to have the best possible performance in their sport and minimize all chances of injury.

For the weekend athlete or for anyone who enjoys exercising, injuries happen. If a person participates in physical activity they will eventually get hurt to some degree whether we like it or not. Some may ask themselves why they get injured? They stretched, they are in good shape, and had a great warm-up. Usually it is due to playing too hard for too long or too fast. Just think about the case of household cleaning, do any of us warm up before carrying the boxes to the crawl space or out to the garage? You may not think of this as a sports injury but it is an overuse syndrome or playing full speed before you are warmed up. Even simple household chores can mimic a sports injury. How can an athlete get back on the field fast – rest and chiropractic!

Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the treatment of sports injuries. A chiropractic adjustment returns motion into the spine allowing for increased range of motion to the joint and allowing the nervous system to work at its optimal level for increased healing time. Adjunctive therapies as cold laser, ultrasound, and neuromuscular re-education will help the supportive tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) heal faster along with the spinal and/or extremity adjustment.

Many professional athletes are utilizing chiropractic care to help maximize athletic performance and prevent sports injuries. Professional basketball player John Stockton says he owes it to chiropractic for extending his career in the NBA and helping him maintain optimum performance. Other professionals as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evander Holyfield, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana and Tiger Woods all proclaim the benefits that chiropractic has meant for their careers. Today, more and more professional and college teams are utilizing care for that same reason.

Chiropractic care restores spinal health to give the body its greatest opportunity to maximize proper function, so it’s not hard to understand why the Pros enjoy chiropractic.